AwayTogether - Privacy Policy

Policy Brief and Purpose

Away Together is a mobile application that connects the travel industry through guest to guest messaging as well as resort and business notifications. This cyber security policy outlines our guideline and provisions for preserving the security of our data and technology infrastructure.The Chief Operating Officer is responsible for this policy and ensuring its’ compliance as well as a bi- monthly review to ensure relevance.With a vast reliance on technology to collect, store, transmit and manage information, a company can be vulnerable to human error, hacker attempts and/or system malfunction. Away Together has implemented several security measures to prevent against these and other issues. To assist in mitigating these risks, the following provisions are outlined.


This policy applied to all Away Together employees, contractors, volunteers, interns and/or anyone who has permanent or temporary access to our systems and/or hardware.

Policy Elements

Confidential Data Confidential data is secret and valuable. Common examples are: All employees are obliged to protect this data. In this policy, Away Together will give our employees instructions on how to avoid security breaches. Protect Personal and Company Devices When employees use their digital devices to access company emails or accounts, they introduce a security risk. Away Together advises employees and clients to keep their personal and company-issued technology secure. They shall: Away Together also advises that employees and clients should avoid accessing internal systems and accounts from other people’s devices or lending their own device to others. When new hires receive company-issued equipment/technology, they will receive instructions for: All employees should follow instructions to protect their devices. Keep Emails Safe Emails often host scams and malicious software. To avoid virus infection or data theft, Away Together instructs employees and clients to: If an employee is unsure if an email is safe, the policy is simple – do not open or access the email. Manage Passwords Properly Password leaks are dangerous and can compromise the organization. Away Together advises employees and clients to: Transfer Data Securely Transferring data introduces security risk. Employees must: Additional Measures To reduce the likelihood of security breaches, Away Together also instruct employees to: Away Together also expects our employees to comply with our social media and internet usage policy.Cyber security on our external drive is fully managed by and by __ on the company owned laptops. Remote Employees Remote employees have no exceptions to this policy. Disciplinary Action Away Together expects all employees to abide by rules and regulations. Those who put the company at risk for a data or security breach may face disciplinary action: The COO will lead the process in investigating any and all security and safety breaches. Take Security Seriously Everyone, from our customers and partners to our employees and contractors, should feel that their data is safe. The only way to gain their trust is to proactively protect our systems and databases. We all must remain vigilant and keep cyber security top of mind.